PPP Update – Ellenbrook North Secondary School

December 22, 2017

Last December the Badge Perkins Joint Venture completed its first target with the completion of the design and construction of four Primary Schools as part of the Public Private Partnership contract. These are now being managed and maintained by the Eduwest consortium for the next 30 years.

Last week BPJV  successfully reached Commercial Acceptance its first Secondary School (Stage 1) at North Ellenbrook, now known as Avely Secondary College. We have also completed the design of the masterplans and the individual buildings which are the templates for the remaining three sites we have left to construct.

A year ago this site was running well behind schedule as we came to terms with the intricacies of the PPP process and the challenge of completing the design and getting it through the compliance checking process. The site team, has turned this project around to the point where the completion and handover process was a model of quality, control and professionalism. Thanks to all our staff who have contributed in various ways to this highly successful outcome.

The next school, at Lakelands, is well underway and benefitting from the experience gained at Ellenbrook, again with the same great team overseeing proceedings and the challenge is on for each job to be better than the previous one until the completion of the D&C component of the contract in December 2022.